Collection: Earrings

Who's all ears? Listen up - it's time to add some Jael waterproof earrings to your day to day style. Why? Because they are made for daily wear whatever you are up to - gym-ing, swimming, working, Mum-ing... wherever you find yourself, no one has time for sore ears that tarnish with poor quality materials. Our earrings are hypo-allergenic, waterproof  and tarnish free, making them the perfect choice if you are looking for beautiful, stylish earrings that are also extremely comfortable to wear and durable too. 

Why choose our hypo-allergenic waterproof earrings? At JAEL, we use a unique technique known as PVD plating, which actually makes our earrings 10 times thicker than standard gold-plated jewellery on the market. This superior strength guarantees lasting shine as well as the ultimate durability, which makes our jewellery the optimal choice if you're looking for pieces to wear and forget they are even there!