About Us

3 high school friends started off their professions one as an account, the other a hairdresser and the other… selling chickens!

Fast forward some years and the ladies at Jael lead some what different more exciting lives.

The accountant became an escape room owner.

The hairdresser; a full time mum with a side hustle and part time hair gig.

The chicken lady; a bible school teacher

Although their careers changed, their friendship never did.

These 3 girls were sick of the inconvenience of taking jewellery on and off, having tarnished skin, and wasting $$ on items that simply didn’t last - and so Jael we started thinking. With a focus to make an impact that went far beyond styling an outfit, combined with quality pieces this small business is changing lives…

How is it changing lives, you ask?

Well, 4 years ago Dee and Giada met a good friend who was studying in Australia at the time. His family run a Children's Home in India and needed resources to feed and educate the kids who would come to the home. We decided that we were going to help in anyway we could.

Bek, Dee & Giada