About Us

3 high school friends started off their professions one as an account, the other a hairdresser and the other… selling chickens! 

Fast forward some years and the ladies at Jael lead some what different more exciting lives.

The accountant became an escape room owner.

The hairdresser; a full time mum with a side hustle and part time hair gig.

The chicken lady; a bible school teacher

Although their careers changed, their friendship never did. 

Throughout life, people come across your path who need a helping hand whether that is financially, practically or emotionally - here at Jael we're teaming up with our friends over at BLESS - an organisation that helps orphans, widows and those less fortunate in India.

Our goal is to keep our products affordable whilst still being able to sponsor children within the orphanage and give back to our brand ambassadors.

You may be asking yourself, Why Jael? Well we wanted a brand that not only had  a strong female presence but also had a biblical connection. JAEL -  A heroine who saved her people from a rival army by defeating the enemy king. 

Bek, Dee & Giada 

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Our pieces are coated with 18K gold and uses the process PVD, in which the gold is vaporized in a vacuum and deposited onto the surface of the stainless steel jewellery piece. Making it more resistant to corrosion from swear and regular wear than other gold coating processes.

Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide. Depending on where you are shipping to regular parcels can take up to 1 week for Australia wide and up to 2-3 weeks for international orders.


Each piece has measurements on it's product page. For ring sizing please visit our Sizing page

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What is the Ambassador Program?

Want to earn commission for sharing your love of Jael, simply sign up to become a BAM and get exclusive deals, oppptunity to help us name and pick new pieces for our collections.